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Fantastic selection, great service, excellent turn-around. You can't beat - really.


I may not be that big on taking direction from others, but DeeAnn at AZCoaching really knows what she's talking about.
The best socks out there. Bar none. I put in a lot of miles on the pavement, and every one is with Thorlos. (lil' hint: use their lightweight socks for riding.)
Known for off-road stuff, they make great clinchers for the street as well. From bullet-proof trainers to lightweight racing tires, Maxxis has 'em all.

Complex carbs, barely any simple sugars, and. . . it tastes good! What more could you ask for from a gel?
Smith Optics

Yeah, okay - I originally chose 'em because of the name, but Smith makes phenomenal sunglasses. Not only for racing, but "real life", too.


Hed Wheels. They pretty much invented aerodynamics. What else do I need to say? Except maybe look for me to be sporting some new ceramic bearings on my new carbon H3C's this year ;); fantastic selection, outstanding prices, super-fast delivery. Use 'em. Love 'em.
Callaway Golf
Yes, well, it's true: strictly speaking, Callaway doesn't sponsor me. But they pay all the bills, and since they make the best golf equipment out there, why wouldn't you support them?