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Thank you for visiting.

Within this site you will find my race schedule, results, information about some of the best sponsors around, and just in case you're incredibly bored, a smattering of images.

For those folks that may be concerned that this is nothing but an egotistical tribute to myself, you're actually way off the mark.  It has nothing to do with ego or self adulation, and everything to do with my blatantly attempting to get (and/or retain) sponsors. (A much better purpose, wouldn'tyouagree?<grin>)

Play hard.  Tri harder.
Due to some combination of the above, general craziness in life, and/or being just plain lazy there has been a transition from "competing" to "participating" (ie: I'm slow now)
Minor updates to the site are coming (if nothing else, updated results and a 2012 schedule)
More to come. . . patience!!!!